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Get Your Babysitter To Do Her Job Well

by Justina in Babysitter Hacks, Managing Babysitters


You’re stuck with her. She’s the only one available every time you need a babysitter. Unfortunately, you just don’t have much of a choice.

She’s not bad but she’s not that great either. Your kids aren’t crazy about her either. She comes over and keeps to herself. Aside from the hellos, there’s not much interaction. She spends more time online. So here’s your challenge. How can you actually get your babysitter to babysit your kids?

Tell her Straight

You have to admit it. There are times when you turn a blind eye. Okay, so maybe this happens most of the time. That’s because you’re scared that you might offend the babysitter. In your mind, you can’t afford to do that. After all, someone has to stay with your kids. Well, that’s not the right frame of mind. You have the right to tell her. And you need to tell her straight out. If you think she’s spending more time online, tell her right away.

Remember, she’s not doing you a favor. You are paying her for a job she has to perform. You have that right to tell her your observations.

Lay Down The Rules

Even if you’ve taken up the rules with her, she can forget. You need to keep that in mind all the time. The worst thing you can do is to think that she knows it already. After the initial briefing, she’s bound to forget something. Most of the time, this happens to babysitters that aren’t very professional. Once they’re chosen, they become too complacent. You want to avoid that, right?

Well, you can. One sure way to avoid that is by laying down the rules. And you shouldn’t just do it verbally. Make the rules visible If you need to write them down, do it. If you need to sign her off on it, do it as well. You have to make sure that she knows the rules. If you won’t allow her to be online while babysitting, then she shouldn’t be. It’s as simple as that.

Her job is to babysit your kids. That means she should keep her eyes on your kids. Spending time online would only take her attention away from you kids. So lay down the rules for her not to forget.

You Are The Boss

Here’s the most important thing to remember. Don’t forget that you’re the boss. This doesn’t mean that you have the right to be unreasonable. As a boss, you need to be human. That’s basic. But when you’re starting to see the red flags, you need to put your foot down. You need to show that you’re in control. So don’t turn a blind eye. The babysitter will think it’s okay with you.

So don’t forget that you’re the boss. And as a boss, you have a responsibility to your kids. That means you can’t afford to turn a blind eye to the red flags.

Find Another One

It’s simple. If things aren’t turning out right, find another one. Stop turning a blind eye and stop settling. If the babysitter isn’t doing her job well, you have the right to find another one.

You need to stop thinking that you’ll never be able to find another babysitter. The truth is, you can. If you haven’t tried searching online, then maybe you should. You need to go outside your comfort zone to find the right one. If you don’t, you’ll end up setting and worrying all the time.

It is possible to get the babysitter to do her job well. After all, there are a lot of amazing babysitters out there that love what they do. But in case you’re settling for one that has no passion for her job, find another one. That way you can find another that can do the job really well.