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This Is How I Keep Your Personal Information Confidential

I handle everybody’s personal information with utmost care. I want to assure everybody that whatever personal information shared here on my website, stays highly confidential. Under no circumstance will I share any kind of personal information with another website or service provider. I will also never share it with anybody.

I understand how important it is to preserve your personal information. That being said, I guarantee that personal information such as email, name, and IP address are kept confidential. Unless there is a violation on my terms of service, all the personal information shared here on my website stays private.

The One Information That’s Always Shared Here

My website is available for everybody. As a matter of fact, there’s no need to sign up to use my website. Everybody can access my website without having to share personal information such as email address and name. However, I am able to access all my visitors’ IP address because of certain internet tools that help me track traffic. The IP addresses that I am able to access here on my website stay confidential.

Personal Information Shared When Posting A Comment And Using The Contact Form

Once a comment is posted here my website, I am able to access my visitor’s name, email address, and IP address. That’s a lot of personal information I am able to gather. I do not, in any way, share such valuable information with anyone.
The same thing goes for all the personal information shared when my Contact Form is used. I will protect all the names, email addresses, and IP addresses gathered by my website.

That’s all for now. I will post all the changes and updates here should there be any.

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