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The Terms Of Service Of My Website

Thanks for dropping by. I hope you find my website helpful. I am more than thrilled and willing to share with you my thoughts on babysitting and other snippets on raising kids.

However before you make use of all the information here on my website, it’s important you read my terms of service. This is how you should use my website.

Avoid Damaging Remarks

I would love to hear from you. So feel free to share your own thoughts on babysitting as well. I would also love to hear what you have to say about raising your own kids. Having said that, it’s important to stay within the said topics.

So let’s just stick to the topics of babysitting and raising kids. If you have something to share with me and the other readers, make sure it’s related to what is being discussed. I will not welcome any other topics.

Another important thing to take note of is the fact that you should never share any kind of damaging remarks. Remarks that are meant to damage the credibility of other people and companies will not be entertained. I will definitely not tolerate such comments.

Contact Me

Should you want to use any of the information posted here, which includes photos, you have to contact me first. Feel free to drop me a line by using the Contact Form. I will get back to you at the soonest time possible.

Keep It Simple

You shouldn’t go out of your way to prove a point if you don’t agree with what I have to say here. It’s better to just keep it simple by just leaving my website. I won’t take it against you if you leave my website.

Update Yourself

You are more than welcome to visit my website from time to time. However, you need to make sure you’re updated with all the changes here on my terms of service.

So each time you visit my website, make sure you check out this page for any changes. That’s the only way you can update yourself with all the changes.

In the meantime, enjoy my website. Thanks for visiting.

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